ARTGENDA 2002, HAMBURG, GERMANY 07/06 – 23/06 2002


Our main project at the biennale was SONDE. Fifteen international artists participated in this project among them the theatregroup Probe from Hamburg and Secret Hotel from Århus. The SONDE was a huge rebuilt container which during the biennale was based at Hamburgs most busy shoppingstreet, Spitalerstrasse. SONDE was open everyday from between 12am-6pm. The artists performed both their own projects in connection with the SONDE and several performances together – among them gymnastic performances at bus-stops and the situated containers – physical take-off and landing in the street.


display interviewed people we met on the streets in Hamburg about happiness. We asked them to tell us about a certain happy moment, that they had had in Hamburg and where this had taken place. The interviews were filmed and later shown on monitors at the SONDE. At the SONDE we had a map of Hamburg where we marked out all the places where people had experienced happiness. We also went to these places and marked them with stickers.


This project was curated by NoRoom Gallery. Participating artists at the Biennale, were invited home by local people in Hamburg. display did a hausbesuch at a family with two children. They had invited several people. We video-interviewed one and one in the couples bedroom about a happy moment in their life in Hamburg. Then we projected all the interviews in another room in the flat. Later we went to the places mentioned and marked them with HappyZone.