display is a performancegroup based in Bergen in Norway.
We have been collaborating in artistic projects since 1999. We are working with performance based on video, sound and texts. display is member of Danse og Teatersentrum. display has received support from Norsk Kulturråd, Utenriksdepartementet and Bergen Kommune Byrådsleders avdeling - seksjon for kunst og kultur.


Four young friends working at BIT Teatergarasjen, formed in 1999 a performance group. The name was display, consisting of two boys and two girls: Andreas Langenes, Marius E. Hauge, Marie Nerland and Therese Solbakken. With their specialist backgrounds, from art, theatre, science and photography; and a common interest in contemporary performance art, they started off with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas. In 2000, Bergen was set to be a European Cultural City, together with eight other cities, as display they performaned at two of BITŐs season parties, projects continued in the summer of 2000 as they left for another of the Cultural Cities, Bologna in Italy. There, meeting up with ThereseŐs friends from her study days, display had a street performance. It was not part of the official programme, but nevertheless, it was a collaboration of young underground artists from two vivid cities.

Excited as they were, in the autumn of 2001 they became a part of BITŐs Meteor Festival programme. With a lot of ideas still, and an urge to find a form, they called their performance Lost Highlights, describing and showing (in many forms) parts from performances never previously shown. It was played in a closed-down store, and it also contained three musicians playing live electronic music. male:female was the band, and one of the musicians, Håvard Pedersen, would be a steady partner of the group up until the present. Lost Highlights worked well in itŐs unpretentious form, and with an internet-based vote as the most popular show at BIT that year, it went to the top.

With a lot of work and little money to spend, Andreas decided to concentrate 100% on his PR job at BIT. Display were now three, and did not rest for long. Spring 2002, they started off a collaboration with two German theatrestudents who had been in Bergen on exchange one semester, Andre Eiermann and Christina Hänsel. With a fascination for HomerŐs The Odessey, they made Landmark (a bar/café next to Bergen Kunsthall) into a hotelroom/airport non-place. Text, performance and videobased, the performance included five performers and male:female. The whole performance was streamed live over the internet.

Getting the attention of BergenŐs cultural politicians, display was picked out to participate in ArtGenda 2002 in Hamburg, Germany. The biennale was a large gathering of young artists from the whole east sea regions of Europe. The whole idea of it was to collaborate with host groups from Germany, and display found themselves in a rebuilt container called SONDE placed in Hamburgs most busy shopping street. With happiness on their mind, display set out to search for happy moments & places in the city of Hamburg. Interviewing locals, and making a short film , they marked places around the city with a sticker saying: Happy Zone.

The biennale was an attempt to build lasting links between artists, and display found a friend in Alexander Gerner. Alex is a German artist living and working in Lisbon, Portugal, and through late night art exhibitions and taxi rides, a match was made. A playfull conversation about ideas for performances, narrowed down to the link between Norway and Portugal. What else could it be, than related to the sea. The Norwegian codfish has shipped southward to Portugal for centuries. Not knowing exactly what it would be, they made a deal to keep in touch with Alex.

Returning from ArtGenda, Therese had made her links to Hamburg, and working for it, she left display and her job at BIT to live and work in Germany.

Throughout late 2002 and spring 2003, an e-mail based contact was established with Alex. One single mail nailed the topic; Alex writing that in Portugal the bacalao was called fiel amigo. It means ŐA friend that can be trustedŐ. The performance was to be about friendship, and with the arrival of Alex in the easter of 2003 the holidays was set off to work. Including Håvard Pedersen aka fokuda for the first time, delivering electronically based music. The performance found place in the art gallery Galleri 3,14 late in april.

Wanting to make it a feast of friends, display, Alex and Fokuda brought in the cook Roy Lervåg, a man not only with gastronomical qualities, but also the former member of the performance group Fibuts. The setting was two long tables, and after the showing everybody was served the dish Bacalao.

Fiel Amigo a friend that can be trusted was a piece sown together by personal stories about friendship, documentation on video and photographies of friends, interviews with people telling tales, wrapped around music. Everybody who went to see it could write stories or a map of friendship in the performances logbook.

Not anticipating how emotionaly charged it had turned out, it was the feel-good reaction that brought it first to Lisbon in June, and then later on, in August, it was a part of the Mladi Levi festival in Ljubliana, Slovenia. It worked out just as well, and grew as more interviews were made in the other countries.

Two showings were performed in each location, in total it will be Fiel AmigoŐs seventh showing when it is performed at the Bastard festival in Trondheim march 2004.

Already planned early 2003, display made a new performance in december called fall, it was again with Håvard, but also now bringing in an artist working with video, Torunn Skjelland, and a Norwegian author Lars Ramslie. It was an experimental showing carrying the topic fear, and it also contained two wrestlers performing in the middle of the show. It was situated in the gallery HKS, and showed twice, people sitting on the floor, it was a peak into the darker sides of ourselves.

A return of the bunch from Fiel Amigo, will make What keeps you awake, in BITŐs large black box in April 2004, and then later in the summer/autumn we head to Lisbon once again.

February 2004,

Marius for display